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Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends are simply a series of presentation topics given by a specially trained team of three couples and a priest.  Most of your time is spent learning and developing a technique of communication called dialogue.



The talks, while structured, include examples of the things the presenting team have discovered within their relationships and the adaptations they have made during their journeys through married life.  Such reflections lead you to look at yourselves and your marriage with new eyes.

After each talk there is time for you to practise your new-found communication skills and share your thoughts and feelings about various aspects of your marriage in private.  There is no group discussion.

The regular Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) Weekend starts at 7:00 pm on Friday night and ends at about 5:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. Meals and accommodation are provided.

Some weekends are now 2-day "Live-out" weekends where couples go home in the evening and return to the venue early next morning after breakfast.  All meals except breakfast are provided.

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