Worldwide Marriage Encounter For Priests & Religious


Pope John Paul once said that priests come to their priesthood by "seeing the love of their mother and father".

Attending a Worldwide Marriage Weekend allows priests and religious an opportunity to get away from their everyday workload and focus on their relationship with the church and their community.  The tools learned help priests and couples to become more intimate in these relationships and strengthen their sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders.

The co-responsibility of couples and priest is one of the charisms of Worldwide Marriage Encounter.  Our Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend experience requires the presence of both sacraments. The leadership of our movement at every level is comprised of an ecclesial team, a priest and couple working side by side, joining the strength of the sacrament of Marriage and the strength of the sacrament of Holy Orders.  


“Marriage Encounter, yes! You are doing such important work in our church, especially in this world we live in.” 

Pope Benedict XVI


“I appreciate there are so many good movements in our church. Worldwide Marriage Encounter is one that connects me to loving couples striving to support, challenge and mission to other couples and priests. In the process I am very much supported and challenged in the living of my priesthood.”

Fr. Mick Court SDB , Engadene, NSW


“I am indebted to Worldwide Marriage Encounter for formation and information on marriage and communication not provided by seminary studies for the priesthood or university studies for school teaching.” - Fr. Benignus Clowes O.F.M., Brisbane, Qld




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